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Hirohiko Takayama
Born 1966, Tokyo Japan. In addition to well calculated muscial arrangements and delicate programming, Hiro has a reputation for creating "good sound". Hiro produces music related to visual media: commercials, videos, TV programs, computer games (Erika to Satoru no Yumebouken, Xexyz, Kame no Ongaeshi: Urashima Densetsu, King of Kings, NFL, Friday the 13th, Parallel World, Time Zone, Panic Restaurant, and more...), and so on. When asked whether he is a composer who creates various types of music at a high level of quality, or one who is in the pursuit of his own original sound, he answer that presently both qualities are precious to him. Outside of his work as a composer, he teaches at a music college, and writes books and writes for various types of publications, including music magazines, technical manuals for musical devices. In 1998, he established "AON-DO" a website where people could first listen to, and then purchase his internet music and sound effects for use on their web pages. For the future, his intends to continue producing and delivering his digital music to the world. In February 1999, He launched their website Gallery ALT with "kei akiyama" graphic airtist. It was a small start. However, with the their sights set on the world, they are creating experimental works of art based on an original perception. ALT : In 2008, Hiro formed an Art Collaboration Group with Ichiro Uehara great painter. They will try activity in various domains. ichiro uehara :