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At the tender age of 3 or 4, Mairi was already singing at the shop window of their relatives’ Japanese cake shop. In those days, she sang in a stage, responding to all the requests. The reward for the songs was, of course, a fresh-baked Japanese cake. This was her point of start as a singer. Later on, when she was 13, she started playing the guitar and singing at the same time, and that was how she went getting more and more stuck on music. Since she was 16 years old she started to act on the stage and she experienced lots of changes as time went by. In 1994, she was invited to join S,Q,U,I,E,D as the leader singer of the band by Tk, an acquaintance that she met time ago in a studio session. By his side, at the age of 4, Tk entered the chapel of a church as a soprano boy, where he sang choir songs every Sunday. This was his first contact with music. Then, when he was 14, he continued with his activity in the choir, but since he was 12, he got a guitar which kept him far from the choir. This was his awakening as a composer. His activity onstage began at 13 years old, and afterwards, he made ANGIE become first on the list among several Rock, Pop Blues bands. His long trip on music started in connection with live concerts. Later on, he wandered beyond a maze full of shifts during many years… In 1993, after a long break in his musical career, Tk awake and created S,Q,U,I,E,D himself. Three months later, after seventeen years of silence, he appeared onstage again. On this occasion, he asked MAIRI to perform as a leader singer, which can be considered as the beginning of PREFIX. One year later, in 1994, S,Q,U,I,E,D evolved into a project band and PREFIX was officially born. The greatest moment arrived when, after having achieved the 7 members and at the stage of creation of the band, they started appearing in live concerts, and their sequences and various soundmakes in PCs started to gather attention and generating pro-and-con opinions. Later on, the group underwent many changes in its members. As for many live spaces and clubs, they started doing streaming lives releases in the dot-lives more often than they used to before. This period can be seen as a quick beginning of this new stage of the band. The audience felt more identified with the band, which kept offering passionate and heart-warming live concerts. From 2002 on, they kept evolving as a unit into their current style. Then, they established their own private studio as a sound and track-making unit, and a work studio work plenty of originality began. In the spring of 2003, in their self-produced power CD called “Step up series”, they offered several musical compositions. From 2003 autumn on, they offered ring tone songs for cells, and thanks to the full-of-pop-essence sound, MAIRI’s healing and lyric voice, and their broad scale musical compositions, they achieved to appear in the 3rd first places at the ranking, towards the end of the year. Ex: “The reason of the first 3 top songs monopolising the toplist can be explained by the fabulous sense of Tk, its leader, especially at soundmake, as well as by the voice of its vocalist, MAIRI, who can heal everything with her voice”. From 2005 on, they started offering music delivery services in mobile phones and other contents in different regions, and they began getting more and more popular: that was the birth of PREFIX mania! Afterwards, they continued creating compositions and focusing on their studio work, and then in 2008, while they were developing their official website in Myspace Music, they started receiving enthusiastic critics from overseas and they founded their original label GODINFIELD and started their business selling and delivering their products on iTunes store, both nationally and internationally. Their musical genres are POP, Blue-eyed soul, Dance music, Rock, etc. Both Tk, with his broad range and Mairi, with her musical roots, are a proof of diversity, which is PREFIX’s (PRE-FIX)concept. Anyway, this is just the beginning of the story, since their never-ending story has just begun.

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