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Yutaka Iida ( guitar instructor / music teacher / author ).
He graduated from Nihon University College of Art and Muse Academy of Music. He won the grand prize at Asakusa jazz contest that is one of the most famous jazz contests in Japan. He has been playing and teaching guitar since 1988. He is a full-time instructor at Muse Academy of Music,Tokyo,Japan. His 1st album [Tribute to Pat Martino ] scored a good rating in the disk review of Swing journal that is the oldest Japanese jazz magazine in 2008. His 2nd album [Fusion! Pat Martino tribute again] scored a good rating in the disk review of Jazz Life Magazine that is the most popular Japanese contemporary jazz magazine in 2009. He has also published several guitar instructional books and dvds in Japan since 1997.He has also written many articles on jazz guitar magazines in Japan since 2015.

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